Sale of Kit at County Championships

At the County Championships on 14 & 15 May there will again be the opportunity to buy commemorative kit from a Fine Designs representative. Fine Designs work with both Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire AA in producing this kit and the company gives a proportion of their profits to the two associations, helping to defray the costs of running the event. This year’s branding can be viewed in the attachment.

Officials Upgraded

Congratulations to Jackie Breslin and Claire Lacey! Both have been upgraded to Level 3 Field by the governing body. Jackie and Claire will be joint Field Referees on the second day of the Joint Buckinghamshire & Oxfordshire County Championships on Sunday 15 May.

The upgrading also means that they are both now eligible for selection at Regional Championships level.

Helpers needed at Track & Field Championships

It is coming around to the T & F championships again in May. While the County has a number of graded officials, it is ESSENTIAL that all clubs ESPECIALLY THOSE with a major commitment to T & F help by getting two or three of their members to offer to assist at the championships. In the recent past, we have had problems providing the necessary help for all the field events (where there is always need to have people to support the graded officials).