Track & Field Championship Trophies

I have spent the last two years chasing the various trophies - I currently have the following - under 13 boys; veteran men; senior men; one for junior ladies (last plaque added for winner - Woodcock 2011, ?under 15 girls); veteran women; under 20 men; and a trophy for junior men ?age group (last winners on the trophy Redford Curtis 2011 and Ed Burgess 2010 - ? under 15 boys).

I believe there should have been one trophy per age group - that would mean 12 in all!!! Some of the trophies have been 'lost' for some time (indeed I think some were missing while Barrie Strange was Chairman).
I would like to propose the following options, and would appreciate feedback for clubs and others, PLEASE:
- It is not appropriate to award those trophies that we have; and say 'sorry but no trophy' to other winners. Hence I would suggest that the County awards small retained trophies each year. I have not yet costed this proposal, but would suggest we could do this by a subtle increase in entry fees.
- All the perpetual trophies are forthwith 'retired' and retained in a safe place (which club has a lockable trophy cupboard or somewhere where the trophies could be displayed?)
- I am sure that some of the trophies may still be in club houses or committee rooms (under boxes etc); CAN I MAKE THIS A LAST APPEAL FOR YOU ALL TO LOOK ROUND AND ALSO TO ASK YOUR CLUB ATHLETES WHO MAY HAVE WON THE TROPHY IN THE PAST?
- Do any of the clubs have a trophy that they do not know what it is awarded for? Might it be a county trophy?
- Lyn and I will go back through the County minutes, and try and trace known winners to ask whether they received the trophy and returned it. In that way we MIGHT (just) track other missing ones down!

It would be nice next year to be able to award 12 trophies to 12 athletes.

best wishes

John Sear
Chairman; OAA