County XC Championships – Stowe School, January 7 2017

Would team managers please note that there are unique numbers for this championship (not those for the Oxmail or other leagues). CAN ONE PERSON FROM EACH OXON CLUB, please collect the numbers for all runners.

For clubs outside of Oxon, the numbers for individual runners should be collected from the registration area.

As far as possible, the medals to the first three Oxon athletes will be awarded after the respective race – hence can those athletes please remain near to the finish area? Team medals will be awarded at the END OF ALL RACES; so can athletes/ team managers please remain to collect these.

Can Oxon athletes coming in the first four in the U13-U20 races, please confirm with Professor Sear ( - Oxon Team Manager) AS SOON AS POSSIBLE whether they wish to be selected for the Inter-Counties team on 11th March at Loughborough. This is essential as there is only a short time period before entries are made. Athletes for the remaining places in the team will be selected on the basis of previous performances this year.

John Sear
Chairman, OAA