Senior IC Track and Field Competition, Sunday 2 nd July at Kingsmeadow

To all senior athletes:

Once again Oxon is invited to the above 8 counties fixture. Last year, we failed to support the occasion due to a lack of interest from both athletes as well as anyone willing to support the County by being the Team Manager.

My earlier note to clubs about this fixture got a mixed response – one or two being supportive; and one being very anti- ! I am sure that, if we do not support the fixture this year, our future invites will be withheld. Hence this note is going to both clubs and athletes.

If there are senior athletes (or U20 or U17 athletes) who would like to compete, I need to know NOW. OTHERWISE we will be letting Surrey know that Oxon will not be attending, and another county can be invited in our place.  

Can those interested athletes let me know by Saturday April 15th AT THE LATEST! Also anyone willing to team manage.

John Sear
Chairman, OAA