Oxfordshire AA 3Km and other track Championships

The 3Km events will be held on the following dates:

For U15 boys and girls – at 6.45pm on 19 th July at Horspath. The closing date for entries will be Monday 17th July (at midday). There will be NO entries on the night. Depending on entries there will be one race for all athletes. The same fee per event (£5) as at the main championships will be payable; in order to minimise administration, this can be paid on the night.

Before-hand, athletes should forward their name, club, date of birth, PB and EA number to john.sear@gtc.ox.ac.uk. Athletes must also indicate whether they are eligible through birth or residence.

For all other age groups (U17; U20; Senior Men and Women), the 3Km championships will be held during the BMAF Pentathlon on Sunday 18th JUNE at approximately 12.30. This will also be at Horspath. The closing date for entries will be Friday 16 th JUNE (at 6pm). The number of races will depend on the size of the entry. Again, can athletes send the details listed above to me by e-mail; with payment on the day.

The County 10Km Track Championships will be held on Wednesday 20 th SEPTEMBER at approximately 6.30pm at Stoke Mandeville (in conjunction with the SEAA championships). The closing date for these will be Monday 18 th September (at 6pm). Names etc to me in advance; with payment on the day.

I am still seeking occasions for the county 5Km track championships and the 3Km Walk. Any ideas or offers will be welcome – perhaps as part of a club’s own championships?

John Sear
Chairman, OAA