To all Oxfordshire Clubs - URGENT

I write this note in June to allow clubs to discuss the contents among their members.

Each year, the average age of the County Committee increases – we need new blood to take over some of the roles in running county events. For the last few years at the AGM, it has been tacitly assumed that the status quo will persist for the ensuing year. This is about to change.

I am aware that we will certainly be seeking a replacement for Paul Thomas (in his role as Endurance Officials Secretary). In addition, the County needs to have nominations for a new Treasurer (to work in conjunction with our existing treasurer, Kate Worrall, during the first year in office).

By the time of the AGM, I will have been Chairman for 7 years. Again, we seek nominations for that post.

For the year 2017-18, I am also not wishing to act as team manager for county XC and other teams; nor to coordinate the entries for both the XC, and track and field championships. The use of ‘Open Track’ as our ‘on-line entry system’ has greatly reduced the work for the Entries Secretary, but you still need to oversee the entries and answer queries.  

Without nominations for all these posts, there is the real possibility of there being no championships next year; AND importantly no county teams where athletes can test themselves against higher class opposition. Can interested persons liaise with me, or Lyn Hopkins? Thank you.

John Sear
Chairman, OAA