OAA – AGM 2018

At the recent AGM, some important decisions were made – and a full report will appear in due course. However, there are some important decisions still to be made.

It was previously announced that the Treasurer would be standing down. Sadly, I must report that there were no nominations for Kate’s replacement. As that is a pivotal post for running athletics in the County, I decided it was appropriate at that point to conclude the meeting and organise an EXTRAORDINARY AGM in the New Year- 15 February at 7.30pm.  At the same time, we will need to nominate team managers for the T&F county matches and elect to the general committee for the forthcoming year.

In the absence of a Treasurer, the County’s activities will be curtailed. Similarly, if no-one is willing to act as team manager for the various T&F matches, athletes will suffer by the lack of higher grade  competition.

To summarise those posts that remain to be filled:

  • Treasurer
  • Team managers for U13; U15 and U20; Seniors at CAU; Seniors at IC fixture.
  • Chairman to take over in 2019 at AGM.

In addition, it is proposed to have a review of the roles of the different officers within the County structure.  

I hope that the various clubs within the County will discuss how they have help with filling these positions.

John Sear
Chairman, OAA