Oxfordshire Cross Country Championships 2017 (updated)

Because of difficulties over a venue in Oxon, we have decided to combine the Oxon event with that run by Beds and Bucks; this year at Stowe School. ALSO the date has changed - it is now on the Saturday 7th January. 

Please use the same entry forms (attached) for entries and abide by the same closing date (Monday 28 December 2016).

The timetable is as below:

U13 Girls 11.30
U13 Boys 11.45
U15 Girls  12.00
U15 Boys 12.15
U17 Women and U20 W  12.30
U20 Men; Vet men 60 & 70; Sen M; Vet Men 40& 50  13.00
Sen Women and Vet W  14.00
U17 Men 14.45

Note that in these championships, there are no races for U9 and U11 athletes. SORRY. Travel directions and site map will follow.

John Sear
XC Entries Coordinator &
Chairman; OAA