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officialsimageOfficials for County and Inter-County fixtures

Oxfordshire AA co-ordinates the provision of officials for all County events and any inter-county events which the County is hosting, for both track & field and endurance events (mainly road and cross country).


County Officials Secretary (COFSEC)

The County Officials Secretary for Track & Field is Alan Vincent 

Alan liaises with the governing bodies (UK Athletics and England Athletics) on all matters relating to officiating (including the education, training and upgrading of officials). He represents the County at Regional County Officials Secretaries’ meetings and is currently a member of the Southern Tri-Regional National Group. He is also a member of UK Athletics' Technical Advisory Group and chairs the Home Countries & Tri-Regional Groups' Secretaries' Forum.

Alan sends out the list of club and County fixtures as an availability list to all County officials, collates the returns and informs meeting organisers or officials co-ordinators of which officials are available for their meetings. It remains the duty of the host clubs to ensure an adequate number of officials, including the appointment of key officials (eg Starter, Referees and Chief Timekeeper).

In the case of road and cross country, an Endurance Officials Co-ordinator collects data on the availability of officials and liaises with race secretaries or co-ordinators on the appointment of any necessary County officials.


Endurance Officials Co-ordinator

There is a vacancy for the post of County Endurance Officials Co-ordinator at present. 

The COFSEC and the Endurance Officials Co-ordinator both report to the Oxfordshire AA Committee.


Officials training courses

For information about officials’ courses (Endurance or Track & Field), see the England Athletics website.


Record of experience

As part of the normal reporting of your officiating duties your completed Official’s Record of Experience form (also known previously as the Duty Sheet or the Officials’ Worksheet) is due on 30 September (Track & Field, or 21 August for Endurance) each year.

You can complete the form throughout the year, either by completing a blank Excel spreadsheet template offline, then e-mailing or printing and posting, or by using the online version on the myAthletics portal (Trinity).

Please note this form is also used as part of the process for progressing to higher levels of officiating – the process for that is given in the Officiating Qualifications section of the England Athletics website. 

The form can be used to record officiating at competition (C), attendance at meetings (M), attendance at training in which you were the learner (L) and training for which you were the tutor (T). Both Track and Field and Endurance experiences can be recorded and separate Records of Experience can be downloaded for Track & Field and Endurance.


Track and Field Officials

  • Levels 1 & 2: send the form by e-mail to Alan Vincent or to Alan Vincent (Oxon AA Secretary), 9 Lawrence Leys, Bloxham, Banbury OX15 4NU

  • Levels 3: send the form to Alan Vincent and David Vidler

  • Level 4: e-mail your record of experience to David Vidler


Endurance Officials


Officials’ merchandise

The following items are available from Alan Vincent:

  • Polo shirts – white with Oxon AA logo - S, M, L and XL
    £12.00 or £14.00 incl p&p

  • Fleeces – powder blue with Oxon AA logo – S, M, L and XL
    £20.00 or £23.50 incl p&p


Other information about officiating in Oxfordshire

Please contact Alan Vincent