County Championships

There will be three county championship events in 2019, plus the Road Relays.  There will be one short championship covering the distances from 5k to 10k, which this year will be hosted by the Headington 5. The long distance event will cover the 10 mile to 15 mile races and will this year be hosted by the Witney 10.  And there will be a Marathon championship hosted by Abingdon.

The results of the County Road Relays are attached below.  

The medal winners from the Short Course champs at the Headington 5 are in the table and full results are attached below.

2019 Headington 5M - Oxon Championships Men’s Prizes
Overall Men:  
1 Bolton, James Woodstock Harriers AC
2 Chetwynd, Alan  
3 Lawrence, Duncan Headington RR
Senior Men:  
1 Chetwynd, Alan  
2 Lawrence, Duncan Headington RR
3 Kelly, Sean Oxford City AC
V40 Men:    
1 Bolton, James Woodstock Harriers AC
2 Hill, Marcus Headington RR
3 Papps, Kerry Eynsham Road Runners
V50 Men:    
1 Gaden, Carl Headington RR
2 Phillips, Pearce Didcot Runners
3 Bridges, Graham Eynsham Road Runners
V60 Men:    
1 Thorp, Stewart Oxford City AC
2 Griffiths, John Headington RR
3 Tull, Graham Reading Roadrunners
V70+ Men:  
1 Kimber, Phil Headington RR
2 Rasgauski, Martin Hook Norton Harriers
No Award    
2019 Headington 5M - Oxon Championships Ladies’ Prizes
Overall Ladies:  
1 Allred, Kate Eynsham Road Runners
2 Stubbs, Isabel Witney Road Runners
3 Ridewood, Chloe Abingdon AC
Senior Ladies:  
1 Stubbs, Isabel Witney Road Runners
2 Ridewood, Chloe Abingdon AC
3 Georgiades, Emily Headington RR
V35 Ladies:  
1 Wise, Tina Didcot Runners
2 Kay, Lisa Witney Road Runners
3 Reid, Michelle  
V45 Ladies:  
1 Allred, Kate Eynsham Road Runners
2 Tull, Belinda Reading AC
3 Smith, Lindsey Witney Road Runners
V55 Ladies:  
1 Baldwin, Sharon  
2 Bates, Katherine Eynsham Road Runners
3 Gettins, Lucy Compton Harriers RC
V65+ Ladies:  
1 Turley, Helen Headington RR
No Award    
No Award    


2019 Headington 5M - Oxon Championships Team Prizes    
Oxon Ladies:        
1 Witney Road Runners 'A' 357 51 Stubbs, Isabel SL
      94= Kay, Lisa VL35
      102= Parsons, Alice SL
      109 Howard, Sally VL35
2 White Horse Harriers 'A' 417 78 Rycroft, Lucy SL
      111 Mack, Pippa VL35
      113 Whiting, Rachel VL35
      114= Kelly, Anna SL
3 Abingdon AC 'A' 514 57 Ridewood, Chloe SL
      97= Shelton, Lucy SL
      176 Swarbrick, Jennifer VL35
      183= Bray, Laura SL
Oxon Men:        
1 Headington RR 'A' 58 5 Lawrence, Duncan SM
      10= Hewitt, Ian SM
      18 Blunden, Nathan SM
      23= Gaden, Carl VM50
2 Headington RR 'B' 120 26 Fenning, John SM
      27 Hill, Marcus VM40
      31 Pinnell, Neil SM
      36 Cremona-Howard, Kevin SM
3 Witney Road Runners 'A' 136 15 Lock, Matthew SM
      33 Colbeck, Chris VM40
      43 Mulcahy, Chris VM40
      45 Downey, Will SM