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Oxfordshire AA Road Race Grand Prix


The Oxfordshire Road Race Grand Prix is competed for over 15 races throughout the season.  In each race the first 4 men and first 3 women from each participating club form the teams.  The first team scores 25, second 22, third 20, fourth 19 and so on.  The scores are added up through the season and the two worst scores discarded to decide the winner.  In the competition for individuals, you score points in each race according to the percentage of the field you beat and your two worst scores are discarded.  Full details of the rules are in the Grand Prix Rules attachment below, and a full list of prizewinners since the competition started in 2002 are in the Prizewinners attachment.

The sixth round of the 2024 Grand Prix season took place at the Didcot 5 on 7th July.  

Headington's men continued their winning streak, notching up their 5th win in 6 events this season, but their women's team was largely absent at Didcot, allowing Abingdon to edge closer in the standings.  Matt Lock has also won all but one of the six events this season and maintains his individual lead over Matthieu Marshall and Connor McGurk.  Lucy Ambrose of Headington takes over from her team mate Leonie Glasson at the top of the women's standings despite not competing at Didcot.

Results below ...

 Men's Teams

Didcot 5

1Headington Road Runners 172(25)145100
2Witney RR               159(22)11882
3Woodstock Harriers       57(17)11279
4Abingdon AC             111(19)10778
5Harwell Harriers§       135(20)10072
6Eynsham                 19(14)9668
7Cherwell                 27(15)8464
8Oxford City AC           11(13)7763
9Banbury Harriers§       61(18)8562
10Alchester               0(07)7157
11White Horse Harriers§   0(07)7157
12Didcot§                 0(07)6955
13Kidlington§             44(16)6951
14Hook Norton Harriers§   0(07)5844
15Thame Road Runners§     0(07)5339
16Bicester AC§             0(07)5238
 Women's Teams

Didcot 5

1Headington Road Runners 21(14)13197
2Abingdon AC             75(25)13092
3Witney RR               73(22)11986
4Alchester               0(07)8874
5Woodstock Harriers       63(20)10271
6Eynsham                 0(07)9071
7Oxford City AC           28(16)9568
8Harwell Harriers§       59(19)9068
9Didcot§                 23(15)7662
10Banbury Harriers§       51(18)7561
11Kidlington§             49(17)8060
12Cherwell                 13(13)6854
13White Horse Harriers§   0(07)6753
14Hook Norton Harriers§   0(07)5541
15Thame Road Runners§     0(07)5036
16Bicester AC§             0(07)4733

Women's Individual Leading Positions

 NAMECLUBDidcot 5Grand TotalBestRaces
1Ambrose, LucyHeadington RR04633755
2Allred, KateAbingdon AC03703704
3Cox, CharlotteHeadington Road Runn03583584
4Oldroyd, NicolaHeadington RR04143425
5Hogger, LisaOxford city athletic883363364
6Noble, ChantelleEynsham Road Runners03283284
7Howard, SallyWitney Road Runners943243244
8Johnstone, CarolineWoodstock Harriers A813233234
9Morris, YvonneHeadington RR03393075
10Glasson, LeonieHeadington Road Runn02912913
11Jones, KatherineWoodstock Harriers A02882883
12Colclough, EdwinaAlchester Running Cl02722723
13Millatt, WendyAbingdon AC563262386
14Critchley, JenBanbury Harriers692302303
16Leavesley, NicolaWoodstock Harriers532502215
15Finnigan, AndreaKidlington Running a02212213
17Whatman, SarahWitney RR02092093
18Compton, BecksAbingdon Athletic Cl01971973
19Giles, StephanieAlchester RC01961962
21Chami, GoyletteHeadington Road Runn661941943
20Scott, MaryHeadington RR01941942
22Stubbs, IsabelWitney RR01931932
22Garton, JaneEynsham Road Runners01931933
24Myhill, EmilyHeadington Road Runn01891892
24Corby, AnnaHeadington Road Runn01891892

Men's Individual Leading Positions

 NAMECLUBDidcot 5Grand TotalBestRaces
1Lock, MatthewWitney Road Runners1005974006
2Marshall, MatthieuHeadington Road Runn03953954
3Mcgurk, ConnorHarwell Harriers965723836
4Rand, ThomasHeadington Road Runn03673674
5Baker, TomEynsham Roadrunners04503635
6Gibson, MatthewHeadington Road Runn943543544
7Preskett, ThomasWoodstock Harriers854883336
8Fenning, JohnHeadington RR03283284
9Cousens, RupertHeadington Road Runn834503136
10Varney, FrancisBanbury Harriers814313016
11Garforth, SamHeadington Road Runn02872873
12Cooke, SeanAbingdon Athletic Cl742852854
13Large, SimonHarwell Harriers723382825
14Smith, AdamWoodstock Harriers A02622623
15Webster, RobWoodstock Harriers02532534
16Shayler, TheoWitney Road Runners642472474
17Pearson, SteveAbingdon Athletic Cl602362364
18Howard, FraserWitney Road Runners702682345
19White, JonathanAlchester Running Cl02162163
20Cantwell, DaveWoodstock Harriers A02132133
21Critchley, ArranBanbury Harriers492982116
22Worley, DavidWitney Road Runners532392055
22Hume, RichardEynsham Road Runners02052053
24Lewy, MarkAbingdon Athletic Cl02042043
25Jones, GrahamHeadington Road Runn981941942
DateGP Races in 2024
17/03/2024Goring 10k
24/03/2024Banbury 15
07/04/2024White Horse Half Marathon
30/06/2024Thame 10k 
07/07/2024Didcot 5
14/07/2024Hornton Classic 6 
04/08/2024Hook Norton 6 
07/08/2024Alchester Summer 5K
25/08/2024Headington 5
07/09/2024Cotswold Classic 10
29/09/2024Hanney 5 (Confirmed)
05/10/2024Woodstock '12' 
20/10/2024Abingdon Marathon
24/11/2024Eynsham 10K