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OSAA - Track & Field

Oxfordshire English Schools T&F 2023
Charlie Evans (SB - Javelin) one of 3 Oxfordshire English Schools Champions in 2023; including Divine Iheme (JB - 100m) and Matthew Ajayi (IB - 100m) 


  • 2024 Oxfordshire County Schools Athletics Championships
    Date: Saturday 8th June 2024 
    Location: Horspath Athletics, Horspath Road, Oxford, OX4 2RR

To enter, see this article.

We aim to make the 2024 edition of the Oxfordshire Schools Championships the most inclusive yet and recognise the Championship needed a refresh. There will be no district representation; instead schools will enter athletes (providing they're affiliated with OSAA) via an online portal prior to the Championship. Athletes will need to have achieved a relevant entry standard since 1st January 2024: 

  • 2024 English Schools Athletics Championships 
    Dates: Friday/Saturday 12/13th July 2024 
    Location: Alexander Stadium, Walsall Rd, Perry Barr, Birmingham, B42 2LR

We are a 'Group D' county (the smallest) meaning we can select a team of 24 athletes to represent Oxfordshire at English Schools. This will be based on achieving the entry standards (See link - 2nd column) in your event and ranking amongst the best 24 athletes in the county. 

Frequently asked questions

  1. Q. How do I get into the Oxfordshire schools team for ESAA?

    A.   Firstly you need to achieve the standard for your chosen event(s). The standards are updated every year around mid-January. The standards are published on the ESAA website and are the basis for selection for all county teams. Qualification can be achieved at any athletic event wef 1st Jan upto and including the final day for qualifying (usually the 3rd weekend in June).


  1. Q. Do schools events count for qualification?

    Qualification needs to be achieved at a licensed event. Such events are those published on the Power Of 10 website. Licensed events will generally be club oriented, league fixtures, regional or national competitions. The county schools and county AA champs are amongst a number of fixtures that would be available to gain qualification.  Licensed events ensure that the validity of performance is ratified by qualified athletic officials.


  1. Q. If I achieve the qualification standard does that mean I will be selected for the Oxfordshire Schools team?

    A. You will have a very good chance however the team is limited to 24 individuals and the Team Manager’s select those athletes, from amongst the best qualified across the range of events and age groups, who they think will have the best chance of medalling at the championships.


  1. Q. When do I get to know if I have been selected and what happens next?

    A. Team selection starts the day after the County Schools Championships (usually held the 2nd weekend in June). All athletes /parents must attend the County Schools event and complete an Availability form.  This form covers a number of issues namely choice of event (if you happen to have achieved more than one qualification), what to do if you fall sick or become injured, and an acknowledgment that parents are responsible for the costs of the 3 day trip to the venue and overnight stays. It is normal for schools to pay this cost however the parents are liable, in the event that such funding is not forthcoming.  Note: Schools who fail to pay (and or parents who also subsequently fail to pay) will not be allowed to take part in the following years county competition and athletes (even with qualifying marks) will be disbarred until accounts are settled. Athletes normally have a weeks grace to achieve the required standard after the County Schools event as the team is not finalised until the Monday following the 3rd weekend in June. If you achieve or better your event time/distance in that week you must inform the team manager immediately.   Once the team is selected you will receive a formal invitation to attend the Championships from the team manager. This will also be an invitation to a team meeting to inform you of the details of the venue and travel arrangements for the championships that year. Team vests and tracksuit tops are for sale at this meeting (or orders can be taken). 


  1. Q. If I have a qualification in more than one event can I choose which one I do at ESAA?

    A. Yes: the athlete may choose however be advised that you should choose the event in which you are most likely to get to the final as this may influence whether you are selected or not. 
    E.G. Johnny is ranked 25th on the Power of 10 with a qualifying time for ESAA in the 1500 mts. He also has a qualifying time in the 3000 mts where he is ranked 12th. He opts to be put forward by his county for his favourite event : 1500 mts. Regrettably his Team Manager does not agree and subsequently Johnny does not get selected as he would not have made the 1500 mts final and gained a medal or points for the county team.


  1. Q.  When I am selected how do I get to the Championships?

    A. All team members MUST travel with the team on the team coach to the hotel and stadium. (Note: this will generally be the first time athletes will have been selected for a county athletics team and the logistics of getting all parties to the hotel and stadium each day are bewildering. Team managers will guide athletes through the process but ALL athletes need to be together in order that the managers can get them to warm up, marshalling and into their event without any distractions.


  1. Q. Will my parents be able to attend the championships?

    A. Yes. Parental and extended family support is welcomed and encouraged. However parents will not be allowed to stay in the team hotels and will only be able to converse/see athletes from a distance until their event is over.  Parents must make their own arrangements for travel, hotel accommodation and ticket purchase – tickets are usually bought through the ESAA website. 


  1. Q. Will I have any free time whilst I am with the team?

    A. No.  From the moment you board the team coach to the moment you return home you will be fully occupied. Typically the team departs Oxford around lunchtime on the Thursday before the Championships. The coach journey is timed to get you to your hotel around dinner time. After dinner you will have a team meeting at which the timetable and your accreditation for the event will be given to you. Relay teams will be selected and a brief discussion of parade etiquette and attendance will take place.  You will be expected to be in your room after being released from the meeting at around 21:30 hrs. The following day is the first day of the championships and you will be up very early, eat breakfast and get to the coach in time for it to get you and the rest of the team to the stadium for around 08:00 hrs. We have a designated seating position in the stands and when not warming up or competing you are expected to stay in the team allocated seats. The team will all depart together at the completion of the relay heats on day one and  ALL athletes will return to the hotel on the coach. Dinner will be served after which a further team meeting to discuss successes from day one will take place and once again the process of rest and an early night is repeated as we prepare for another early start on day 2.


  1. Q. If I win, do I get to represent England in the Schools International?

    A. Only the Intermediate age group athletes gain access to the ESAA International team and this is achieved in all events if you finish in the top 2. If this happens you will be escorted by your team manager to the International office where you will be given the England kit and details of the competition that usually takes place the week after the schools championship.  (N.B. The schools international is held between the 4 countries of Great Britain and each holds the International on a rotational basis – This could be in a venue in Wales, Scotland etc