Schools Track & Field

Track & Field Championships

Selection: athletes must achieve the ESAA standard in their event before the deadline (about a month before the Championships). Performances outside the Schools' Championships are also considered. Read this article about how selection works in 2021.

The 2021 ESAA standards can be found here.

Oxfordshire is allocated a limited number of places for the Championships (based on the number of eligible school pupils in the County). This means achieving the ESAA standard does not warrant automatic selection for the County team; places are at the team managers’ discretion.

Will my local area schools' championships result be considered?
Results achieved at local/area schools' competition level will not be entered into the Power of 10 website due to the inability to ensure the standard of officiating and results recording meets the standards required for national rankings lists. Once the schools' competition reaches “county” level the standard of competition organisation allows us to accept the results submitted.

  • 2021 Oxfordshire County (inc Schools) Event - event info here
    Date: Saturday 12th June 2021
    Location: Horspath
  • 2021 ESAA T&F Championships - event info here
    Dates: 9th - 11th July
    Location: Manchester Regional Arena, Sport City, Manchester M11 3FF

 Team Mangers: Celia O'Hara, Pete O'Keefe