Coordinating Coaching Provision in the County

For the past few years coordination of coaching in the County has been the preserve of the Local Athletics Network, but that has now disbanded.  Some of its remaining funds have come to Oxfordshire AA and have been earmarked for coaching.  The purpose of the letter is to ask the clubs and especially their coaches what support they would like from the County.  It is addressed not only to track & field clubs and those with junior sections, but also to adult running clubs in the County.

I hope you have your own ideas about how the county could benefit your coaching set-up, but some of my suggestions are:

  • Bringing coaches together for training days where ideas can be shared and mentoring partnerships set up,
  • Trying to get  EA coaching courses organised locally, where there is demand,
  • Pointing athletes to appropriate coaches for their speciality.

Please could you let me know who is an appropriate coaching contact in your club and pass this message on to them, so we can begin a dialog on how the County can provide support on coaching.  To that end, I welcome comments on my suggestions above and, more importantly, ideas from you.

Kind Regards
Will Atkinson
Oxon AA Chair