English Schools’ 2021 - Oxfordshire Team Selection

12 JUNE ARRANGEMENTS - Oxfordshire Graded Meeting

The County Schools Champs and County Champs have been combined this year due to Covid restrictions. To enter the combined Oxfordshire Graded Meeting on the 12th June athletes will need to enter individually on the online entry system if they:

a) live in Oxfordshire;

b) are a member of an Oxfordshire club.

If the above does not apply, but the athlete goes to school in Oxfordshire AND meets the entry standard for schools athletes, then

c) they may enter under their affiliated club if they have one. If they are not in a club, athletes should discuss entering via their school. More information can be found here



All athletes who have met the ESAA standard by the 12th June for their event need to complete an application form to be considered for entry into the finals. The standard can have been achieved at other meetings and results will be taken from the Power of 10.  Athletes/parents need to attend and complete the County Schools documentation available from the Oxfordshire Team Managers on the 12th June.

Athletes competing who are not club athletes and who may not already have a Power of 10 record will need to have evidence of performances achieved at a recognised England Athletics meeting. 

Entrants to the ESAA finals can only be made via the County Team managers who will forward the County recommendations to ESAA. THIS DOES NOT IMPLY ACCEPTANCE TO THE CHAMPIONSHIPS! ESAA have determined that they will only accept the top 16 performers from across all age groups and disciplines, per each event. Once the recommendations have been made ESAA will inform the county manager of the athletes who have been successful in achieving a place at the finals.

Before making applications to attend athletes and parents need to go to the ESAA website.


Particular attention should be paid to the fact that each age group will attend on separate days and that NO ACCOMMODATION will be provided by the ESAA. 

Your County Team managers will be in attendance throughout the 3 days and will manage athletes through the warm up and marshalling areas.

Celia O’Hara and Pete O’Keefe
Oxfordshire Team managers