Oxfordshire AA and the return to competition

18 March 2021

Oxfordshire AA will NOT be holding a County Championships event on Saturday 8th May. 

The Track & Field Sub-Group of the County Association has taken the decision to cancel because there will have been insufficient easing of Covid-19 restrictions and most of our athletes will not be ready for this level of competition.

However, we are very conscious of the need to provide appropriate opportunities for competition for all athletes in our County at as early as possible a stage. This includes school-age athletes who may be looking for qualification for the ESAA Championships on 9th – 11th July, in Manchester. We are therefore working with Oxfordshire Schools AA to provide a joint County event on Saturday 12th June, providing opportunities for most of our athletes, including those who feel they have the potential to make the ESAA qualification standards.

In this unusual year, no formal fixture list has yet been issued. For the benefit of our officials (who normally receive an availability list in January or February), as well as for athletes, coaches, parents and all others concerned, we have now put together an updated draft list of fixtures that seem likely to take place this season, if there is no slippage in the current Government Road Map and its athletics equivalent. This appears as a separate document on this website.

NB. The latest guidance from England Athletics can be viewed at: